shahar dor

Shahar Dor is a performance artist, teacher, researcher & director of ARTNESS.ORG and SHAHAR DOR COMPANY, internationally celebrated with over twenty years of experience exploring the moving body, improvisation and site specific performance art.

His work in the last 20 years has led him to create and lead numerous artistic projects; exploring , performing, teaching & creating improvisational, multidisciplinary & site specific projects, collaborating with a wide variety of artists from all over the world.

As a pedagogue and director he founded ARTNESS school for movement and performance in Israel, TUNE – traveling school of unspoken knowledge and led numerous workshops and intensives around the world. Shahar is known for his unique ability to touch the core of his students & performers; empowering their intuitive and instinctive skills, inspiring & leading them through his visionary multidisciplinary art with passion, humor and fearless life art processes.

"art born out of men as life is born out of men; a mystery & reality not needs to be explained, rather lived" shahar dor

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