Shahar Dor is a multidisciplinary performance artist, teacher and the director.

Internationally renowned, with over 30 years of experience, exploring the art of performance and multidisciplinary art, with a strong connection to the visual and sound arts. His works can be described as 'live art ceremonies' that appear in the meeting point of the intimate and the epic.


The starting point of his projects lies in exploring a material that creates an environment in which the body acts. This makes his work appreciated as both a performative form and a visual one.


Shahar's work led him to create, collaborate and lead numerous artistic projects throughout the world.

As a pedagogue and entrepreneur, he founded and directed 'ARTNESS' Art House, Shahar Dor Ensemble, the 'Solo Festival' and TUNE - traveling school of unspoken knowledge, The Performers Labs, Punto Zero Project and Somatic Art Formation.


Through three decades of vast experience, Shahar developed his practice and philosophy and named it 'Connective Movement' - a movement, awareness, and creation research.